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Are There Winning Colors in Horse Racing?

The question is, "Are there winning colors in horse racing?" There have been many famous triumphs and disappointments of horse racing bettors. Some will say the reason is because they just did not have the right systems to follow. It must be said that a good system is one that allows you to use the information at hand to make educated guesses about the next bet. Without such a system, you are just spinning your wheels.

You may have heard the phrase, "you get out when you win." This is not quite so easy to follow. Betting on horse racing is a gamble. It would not make much sense to spend all your winnings on a long shot if you knew the probability of that win was very slim. Therefore, are there winning colors in horse racing?

No, the answer would be no. That is a fact. However, it is also true that if you do your homework and have a good system to follow, the possibility does exist that you will hit the jackpot on more than one occasion. Just as in any form of gambling, you have to use some discretion and common sense. A sure thing is that you would miss a lot of wins, but the reward is worth it. In this type of betting, the reward is greater than the risk.

The first time I came across the term "winning colors" in Singapore Pools Horse Racing news, I did not pay much attention to it. Then one day while doing a search for some up to date information, I stumbled upon the term and was surprised to find that it was a well-known saying originating in Great Britain. Having heard it before, I felt I should at least give it a try. I did go to the library to look for some old books on the matter, but I quickly discovered that most of the materials available were written more than 10 years ago. The amount of data that I found was quite surprising.

The saying went like this: "The favorite may be the underdog, but so may be the reverse." In other words, the horse with the best chances of winning is most likely to be the "underdog." While this might be true in some races, it is certainly not true in all races. I did learn that it applied to harness racing as well.

In any case, what I found out was that favorites win about a third of the races. Second favorites are about 25% of the time. The third favorite is about 10%. So, you can see there is a pretty big difference there. The important thing is to find the next best course of action when looking for tips on how to handicap horse races.

These winning colors in horse racing appeal to certain horse racing bettors, but there’s nothing more astonishing than the revelation of Disney’s footage of their real star wars lightsaber. Visit Asiaone to read the full details, and browse for more trending news.

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